Quality Commitment

NorthCoast Alpacas provides a large selection of high quality, award winning alpacas backed by our industry leading guarantees, flexible financing programs and customer friendly contracts. We believe that the key to our success is through facilitating the success of our clients by helping them build value in their own alpaca businesses. Naturally, selling a few alpacas to a new or existing breeder is beneficial to our business, but building long-term relationships is the only way to assure our success. Relationships are built on trust, friendship and business dealings that are beneficial to both parties. Therefore, we strive to learn the needs and goals of our prospective customers prior to the sale. In this way we can become a true business partner to our clients and help them achieve their goals.
We have learned much in our dealings with other farms, most of which have been positive experiences. It has been our objective to take the best we have seen and learned from other farms, both in business practices and breeding strategies, in order to build a sales and assistance program for our customers that is second to none. Included in our client services are the following…
  1. Farm Financing: We will finance your purchase for up to four years with a minimum down payment of 20%. The length of financing term is based on the size of the purchase. We will finance your purchase over six months same as cash. Financing over six months carries an interest rate of 1% over the prime lending rate (for the entire financing period).
  2. Live Birth Guaranty: Pregnant females purchased from NorthCoast Alpacas, as well as breedings to our herdsires, carry a full 30-day live birth guaranty. Should a cria not survive a full 30 days, for reasons other than owner negligence, we will provide a re-breeding at no additional cost. The breeder is responsible for only the cost of added board and care during the breeding. See the specific terms and conditions section of our breeding agreement for more information regarding our live birth guaranty. Few farms provide a live birth guaranty extending beyond 48 hours.
  3. Reproductive Guaranty: Any male or female that is not proven at the time of purchase carries a reproductive warranty. Should the male or female prove incapable of reproduction, NorthCoast Alpacas will provide a list of replacement alpacas to select from or provide a full refund of the principle paid to date. The choice of replacement or refund belongs to the buyer. Few farms offer this assurance with a cash refund being at the discretion of the buyer.
  4. Free Transportation: NorthCoast Alpacas will provide free transportation of alpacas purchased to your farm within 75 miles of the farm.
  5. Protection from Over-breeding: Nothing devalues a bloodline more than reckless over-breeding. At NorthCoast Alpacas, we subscribe to the idea of building value in our genetics. By protecting our genetics, we offer you high quality alpacas that retain their uniqueness in the marketplace. The combination of breeding to the absolute best genetics and controlled breedings to our stock results in retained value in the alpacas and breedings we sell.
  6. Quality Program: Our passion is building a herd of alpacas consistent in the attributes we value most. We seek to build a uniform herd, homozygous in our primary genetic objectives, raised in an environment conducive to healthy growth, fleece production and reproduction. See our article “Building the Perfect Alpaca – Our Vision for the Future” on this site to learn more about our quality program.
  7. Selection: NorthCoast has a herd of seventy-five alpacas to offer our clients. Included in this number is a herdsire row of twelve world-class studs. At the farm we have more than 150 alpacas. The majority of the herd is of full Peruvian heritage, most from the royal herds of Peru, and many are part or full Accoyo.
  8. Uniqueness: NorthCoast Alpacas herdsire row includes six colored full Accoyos, many are unrelated to any other colored Accoyo sire in North America. Accoyo Asanté is one of the darkest colored full Accoyo studs in North America. All of our Accoyos have the incredible fleece one would expect; however, our Accoyos also have outstanding conformation. We have made every effort to seek out premium genetics that have not been over-bred and we in turn offer these genetics to our clients.
  9. Awards: Five of our herdsires have taken blue ribbons at the AOBA National Show. Many of our alpacas have won blue ribbons and championships at shows across the nation.
  10. Experience: We have been alpaca breeders for over eighteen years and expect to be alpaca breeders for many years to come. We’re committed to the industry and are involved with the national breed organization. Each year we volunteer much of our time to be part of building this wonderful industry.

Updated February 15, 2018